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Breathwork Facilitator Training


starting on the 5th of October 22


Are you wanting to create profound experiences for yourself and others?

Do you want to breathe out your self-limiting beliefs and show your inner critic that you can step up and do something you are passionate about, while helping people and getting paid for it?

Are you ready to deepen your own Breathwork practice and fully integrate this powerful tool into your daily life?

Do you want to find out if this is the life change you have been searching for?


The Spirit of Breath Collective invites you to the Breathwork Teacher Training: a 6-month professional program that will take you on a journey and exploration of the power of the spirit of breath and of yourself. 

We are Sascha (founder of Spirit of Breath) Christian (founder of Wholeness & Breathwork) and Indri Tulusan (founder of Breathe into Being You) the founding members of Spirit of Breath Collective. 


OUR MISSION: to spread the underestimated power of our breath and teach people to do the same. 


OUR PHILOSOPHY: with the breath we have the entrance to the deeper layers of ourselves. Here we find insights and resources for empowerment to become a conscious creator in our life. The breath is our agent to find more wholeness by integrating polarities that reside in all of us.

THE FOCUS: in this training is to give you the tools, knowledge and experience to become a successful and confident Breathwork Facilitator, hold space for others and create your own Breathwork Business.


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2022 Breathwork Facilitator Training

The training is split into four dimensions:
Connection, Knowledge, Experience & Creation.
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With these principles we ensure that you will be ready to bring your power as a facilitator to the world.


Learn the theory of the power of our breath, trauma and what it means to be a Breathwork teacher. 


Learn more about yourself through different practices and through holding and guiding the space for travelers.


Connect in an intimate group that creates space for vulnerability and mutual support.


Create your own ethos for Breathwork and design powerful Breathwork sessions for individuals and groups. 



2022 Certified Breathwork Teacher Training Team



At the beginning of the training we will look at the philosophy of Spirit of Breath Collective. 

We will use this as a foundation to teach you the technique of connected, conscious breathing and its influence on body and mind. To get a solid understanding of this we will gain insights into the anatomy and physiology of our respiratory system. 

The emergence and healing of trauma plays a significant role in Breathwork, so we will also address this, the release and processing of stuck energy and emotions.

In order to open and connect fully to your body and to freely feel your creative energy and bliss, we’ll work with feminine and masculine energies. For example, focusing on the intuition, receiving and the planning and doing. 

To get you practicing quickly, we will teach the art of creating and holding Breathwork journeys (online and on-site) in the first half of the training. 

Another aspect we will look at is working with female and male energies of our own but also those of our clients. 

The online classes will end with a deep dive into business, discussing the role social media can play and how you can protect yourself legally.


On the 5th of October 2022 our 6 month transformative Breathwork training starts. It includes:

  • 15x Interactive Classes 

  • 15x Online Breathwork Sessions 

  • Work material based on class topics

  • Access to a rich library of Breathwork playlists 

  • Practices for self-exploration

  • Essential and recommended reading list 

  • Regular Study Buddy exchange

  • Online support group 

  • Regular support from your personal mentor

  • Guest speakers around Breathwork, Anatomy, Men's & Women’s work & Business

  • 5 day final retreat in the Berlin area (March 2023)

  • Free access to all online breathwork sessions that Sascha, Indri & Chistian are facilitating on a weekly basis 



  • To give you an understanding of the science of Breathwork and the positive effects it has on our body, mind and soul

  • To understand how the anatomy & physiology of breathing is put together

  • To understand the basics of the effect of trauma, how it manifests, the impact on our body and mind

  • To consider the contraindications of Breathwork 

  • The art of bringing music, words and bodywork into Breathwork to create a profound experience

  • To develop the ability and confidence to hold space for people during a Breathwork session, both for groups and 1:1 (online & offline)

  • To be a part of a caring conscious business community

  • To gain new self-knowledge through a regular Breathwork practice

  • To personally transform. Stop playing small, level up, shift your mindset, gain more confidence and release old stories, limiting beliefs that hold you back

  • To develop your own personal way of working and create a caring business out of it or use it as an addition to an existing service



Your investment in this 6-month comprehensive training is 2.990€ until 1st of August 22, 3.444€ until 1st of September 22 and afterwards it’s 3.990€, this includes all teaching materials and other resources. There is an additional cost for the Breathcamp retreat which will take place in Germany in March/April. The price for this will be announced shortly. A non-refundable deposit of 700€ secures your place. Payment plans are welcome. Please email us to discuss using the contact button below. Please note – except in extenuating circumstances, all monies due if you decide to leave the course at any point.

NB: Your training deposit is non – refundable.


"I had no idea what to expect when I went in for my first breathing session but was absolutely amazed by the experience and have since then continued to explore healing conscious breathing with Sascha and am so thankful for the difference that it has made in my life. I don't want to give too much away about it as I think it is something that you have to experience for yourself, rather than being told about. All I can say is that I recommend everyone to give it go!"

-Isabelle Reus, Founder of MyGoodness

I come from a background where breathwork is either intense & quick breathing, or deep and slow for meditative purposes. Your session surprised me in how it can be both gentle and energizing at the same time. This, in combination with your chosen soundscapes was an overall beautiful journey, one that I hope to experience again soon."


— Davide, Spiritual Entrepreneur and Meditation Teacher

"So much thanks and so many blessings to you Indri. Am I glad I decided to breathe today. I only have one word for my experience just JOYFUL …. I loved connecting to Joy, it took me to many joyful times in my life and reminded me how much I love to play and dance and the sense of freedom I feel from that so thank you so much.

Namaste xx"


-Online breather, UK



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